Sunday, September 05, 2004

newish blog:
one of my clients in majors is perry metzger.
found out tonight he has a blog.
it's pretty good if you like transhumanist extropian memes.

Friday, September 03, 2004

I spoke to vicky oldenberg at the nevada attorney general's office.
They will not be appealing ACLU v Heller. 98% sure.
They will plan to revisit the statute, and that concerns me.
We had some discussion of ACLF and a recent case about signature petitions by the Nevada supreme court, that I haven't read yet.
I mentioned that I want the fines returned.
I will need to follow up with some correspondence.
Partly that means re-reading the articles below, getting the names and contact info of the guys who were fined, and seeing if I can come up with allies.
partly this will mean sending some letters through the mail, printing documents, working with stamps.
I still have not sorted out my priorities.
If I get my work done, I can afford to spend some time on this as a hobby, as a reward for tasks acoomplished. I cannot continue to do this -instead of- work.
Like, today, I bought coffee, but only after I had checked off 5 things from my to do list.
This could stand to be re-edited :) let my personal life slip through for a minute.

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