Thursday, December 09, 2004

VII. Campaign Finance: The Board will be acting on all outstanding Campaign Finance fines enforced and not enforced.
The Board made motions on the following:
The 2002 Annual report and 2003 Pre-Primary Reports with fines previously enforced. Chairman Marendt made a motion that the committees listed below will be referred to the Prosecutors Office. Mr. Vane second. Unanimous vote passed.
The list is as follows:
Dennis Beatty
Frank Davis
Michael Gangi
James (Jim) Jeffries
Wayne Kirk
Wayne Meissenhelder
William Myers
Chris Zoeller
Mr. Vane made a motion to forgive and waive the remaining balance of Mr. John England’s fine due to his payment of $600 of the $1000 owed. Chairman Marendt second. Unanimous vote passed.

so i saved john $400, but he is stil owed the $600.

VIII. Disclaimer Complaint:

Bye, Hensley, & Prindle: Attorney Ladendorf stated that these are school board candidates who were not in compliance with the law but have since came into compliance by putting the disclaimer language on their materials. Chairman Marendt stated since they have come into compliance, the Board does not need to take any further action.

marion county still violating civil rights by enforcing disclaimers. as of april.

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